Right now, we are developing our Neuropsychiatry portfolio offering therapy basket of innovative products to fulfil unmet medical needs in Migraine, Neuropathy, Epilepsy, Vertigo Spasticity Depression

Migraine Management
AmNurite 5/10/25
AmNuriteBeta 5/20ER & 10/40ER Tablet
NDRAP 250/500mg
Neuropathy Management
AmNurite 5/10/25
Nurite Injection
Amnurite P
Nurite D
Epilepsy Management
AdClobaz 2.5/5/10mg
Spasticity Management
Vertigo Management
Homocysteine Management
Nurite Active
For Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry and Neurology drugs
Online Physiotherapy for District and Village Patients
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